Terms & Conditions




This contract applies to the indicated period in the rental agreement. The tenant has no access to the property outside this indicated period. In principle the minimum stay is 7 days.


The booking is realized via VIVA! in her role as rental agent but the rental agreement is closed directly between the owner and the tenant.  If a tenant is experiencing damage due to a defect of the property and its grounds he needs to direct himself directly to the owner, unless VIVA! willingly has made a mistake. Of course VIVA! will play it’s role as intermediate in a correct way and will try to respect the interests of both tenant and owner. 


The indicated prices are weekly prices from Saturday until Saturday. Prices are as indicated on the website of VIVA! (with the exception of print errors). Extra services like linen and cleaning are sometimes a separate cost (please check your rental agreement). 


At the moment of booking you pay a deposit of 50% of the rental price within 7 days after receiving the rental agreement. The balance is to be paid 6 weeks before arrival. In case of a booking realized within 8 weeks before departure the whole rental amount needs to be paid at once. In case of no or not timely payment the rental agency has the right to cancel the booking. 


Each property is personally selected by our team and is regularly inspected.  However if certain aspects would deviate from our description or if you find any damages you need to inform immediately the local responsible/owner, also to avoid that damages would be related to you.  The local people will do their utmost best to solve the problem as soon as possible. Complaints that are not communicated to VIVA! during your stay will not be accepted afterwards. You are expected to leave to property in the state you found it at your arrival.  Any damage to the property or its contents caused by the tenant needs to be reported and reimbursed by the tenant. With respect to the amount of the cleaning we assume that the property is left in a correct manner which means dishes need to be washed, waste is removed, no leftovers of food, barbecue cleaned. If these conditions are not respected additional cleaning costs can be applied. 


We offer offer typical and rural properties. You need to take into account that access roads can be partially unpaved (strade bianche). These are normally no issue for normal cars but you need to be aware that a summer thunderstorm can sometimes cause damage to these roads.  Nor VIVA! nor the owner can be held responsible for this. 


The presence of pets needs to be communicated and agreed upfront to VIVA! and the owner. 


Al our properties are smoke free properties. If you would smoke outside we ask you to respect the environment. 


In most cases a security deposit is asked. The exact amount and modality of the payment is stated in the voucher which you receive after paying the balance.  The owner or local responsible has the right to refuse the access to the property in case of non payment.  In case of damages caused by the tenant these can be subtracted from the security deposit.  If there should occur a discussion on these damages the tenant needs to address himself directly to the owner. 


It’s important that you respect the arrival and departure times indicated in your voucher.  A few days before arrival you need to confirm your exact arrival time so that the local responsible/owner can organize himself to give you the appropriate welcome. 


The number of people that stays in the property cannot be higher than the ones mentioned in the rental agreement. If at arrival the owner notes that there are more people than mentioned in the rental agreement, he has the right to ask an extra payment or to refuse the extra people. Also placing tents, mobilomes or caravans is explicitly forbidden. Babies until 2 years old are not counted in the number of people. 


These are mostly included in the rent. Exceptions are mentioned in the rental agreement. Heating is always an extra. In the South of Europe it can happen that the water or electricity supply is temporary interrupted. Nor the owner nor the rental agency can be held responsible for this. 


Nor the owner nor the rental agency are responsible in case of accidents in or outside the house or the pool. 


Until 6 weeks before arrival: the deposit already paid is not paid 
From 6 weeks before arrival: you are charged the total amount of the rental

In case of early departure or no show you are not entitled to any reimbursement. 

A cancellation or change of timetable of your flight or public transport is not a valid reason to cancel the holiday home.


We advise you strongly to provide in a cancellation insurance. The cancellation insurance does not cover your civil liability. Please check your insurance company if you are covered for the damages that you could cause to the rental property.  For any damage that is not covered by your insurance company you will be personally held responsible and nor the owner or the rental company can be held responsible. 


If the rental agency in case of force majeure is forced to cancel the booking (e.g. the property is no longer available due to a fire, death of the owner, divorce or other) you will be informed immediately and the rental agency will as good as possible propose a comparable property. You can accept or refuse this proposal. In case of refusal you will be reimbursed all amounts already paid (without extra charges or compensations). 


Those travelling with an electric car should request this at the time of booking. This request must always be confirmed by VIVA! /the owner. Under no circumstances the renter can charge his car on site without informing the owner. Any damage resulting from plugging in the car battery is the responsibility of the renter. The owner may prohibit the charging of electric cars without the tenant being able to claim any form of compensation or reimbursement. In the presence of an electric car, the entire consumption of electricity for this holiday home may be charged “according to consumption” (even if the consumption of electricity for the holiday home is normally “included”). In this case, the owner/contact person will note the meter readings on arrival and departure. If the tenant does not inform VIVA! upfront that he/she is travelling with an electric car and the owner/contact person notices this upon arrival or during the stay, the consumption of electricity may still be charged “according to consumption” or via a supplement and possibly deducted from the deposit.


VIVA! can not be held responsible for the non-availability of its structures or an early termination of its rental agreements caused by any event outside its own control (e.g. nature disasters, emergencies…)   In case of which the client agrees with a compensation in terms of a voucher or a shift of the rental agreement to a later date.  

In the event of any dispute concerning the terms and conditions of this contract, the court of law of Turnhout will have jurisdiction and Belgian Law will be applied.