Viva! offers exclusive, authentic, and immersive travel experiences among the beauties of Piedmont

How Viva! was born

Viva! was born in 2023 from the collaboration in the tourism/hospitality industry of Lieve, a Belgian tour operator that has been helping tourists discover Italy for years, and Casa! by Andrea and Ferdinando, who provide attentive service to clients, a dedicated team ready to assist throughout their stay.

Viva!’s goal is to offer a portfolio of houses with elevated standards and quality (exclusive locations with private pools as standard) for all those who appreciate wine tourism, nature, outdoor activities, and culture.


Choosing Viva! means always having someone by your side during your vacation

even during the booking phase

The personal relationship with our clients is fundamental to us. With us, you never feel like you’re dealing with a host, a data system, or artificial intelligence. There will always be a real person to assist and advise you. This is something we strongly believe in and sets us apart from more popular platforms where everything feels more “cold” and impersonal.

Viva!’s clients are guided from the very first stages, from choosing the house to advice on the best one based on their needs, to small requests or emergencies that are handled on-site by the CASA! team that will be close by.

Casa hospitality services

Our Strengths


I'm Lieve, and Italy has been my second home for many years.

As a travel industry expert, I have traveled across the country, discovering beautiful regions and, above all, establishing many relationships.

A few years ago, my family and I arrived in the Monferrato region, in Piedmont. Here, I found everything I love about Italy: exceptional cuisine, breathtaking landscapes, and, above all, authentic and often undiscovered places, untouched by large tourist groups.

Above all, the genuine friendliness of the people stood out. Inspired, I embarked on a new tourism project with a selection of exquisite holiday villas for those seeking something unique and exciting. And so “Viva!” was born!

Lieve Moors